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  • 연구/산학
  • 우수연구자소개
  • 글씨크기확대
  • 글자크기기본
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  • 인쇄
*기준 : 2016년 JCR 5% 이내 학술지 논문게재


  • 서영진

    • University. 자연과학대학
    • Department. 수학과
    • Major. 미분기하학

    Research Achievements.

    • Real hypersurfaces in the complex quadric with harmonic curvature 「Journal des Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees」
  • 여준엽

    • University. 자연과학대학
    • Department. 물리학과
    • Major. 나노광학실험

    Research Achievements.

    • Digital selective laser methods for nanomaterials 「From synthesis to processing 「Nano Today」
  • 김성환

    • University. 자연과학대학
    • Department. 화학과
    • Major. 분석화학

    Research Achievements.

    • Molecular-Level Evidence Provided by Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Oil-Derived DOC in Groundwater at Bemidji 「Journal of Hazardous Materials」
  • 정성화

    • University. 자연과학대학
    • Department. 화학과
    • Major. 청정화학, 나노소재화학, 물리화학

    Research Achievements.

    • Remarkable adsorptive removal of nitrogen-containing compounds from a model fuel by a graphene oxide/MIL-101 composite through a combined effect of improved porosity and hydrogen bonding 「Journal of Hazardous Materials」
    • Adsorptive desulfurization and denitrogenation using metal-organic frameworks 「Journal of Hazardous Materials」
  • 이광필

    • University. 사범대학
    • Department. 화학교육과
    • Major. 분석화학

    Research Achievements.

    • Direct electrochemistry of cytochrome c with three-dimensional nanoarchitectured multicomponent composite electrode and nitrite biosensing 「Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical」
    • A novel multicomponent redox polymer nanobead based high performance non-enzymatic glucose sensor 「Biosensors and Bioelectronics」